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Bowery Food Market

The opening of our Bowery restaurant, which is already more than two years ago, was a big adventure. With all experience we brought on as a team, it was still a big jump without a safety net. With ups and downs we managed to take the first steps with an enormous drive...

Wine, wine and more wine…

After two amazing months working at Bowery Restaurant I believe it is a good moment to formally introduce myself through this blog. Besides selecting and presenting the new ‘wine of the week’ through our social media channels, as a Sommelier, I am responsible for each...

With our hands in the soil

I am always trying to innovate, stay in motion and renew our product. To do so I always look for new experiences, by trying new things and by traveling around the world. It’s for sure that you can never travel enough, but to enjoy a great trip it doesn’t always have...

Healthy inspiration

We have arrived in a new year, a year in which we will again renew our menu multiple times. We went on an inspirational trip to the ‘Westland’ where many local growers have their lands. We visited Koppert Cress to brainstorm with them about health, the use of...

Starting fresh with a year of experience

After the holiday season, it is time for a fresh start. Time to focus on new opportunities, fine tuning details and continuing with new developments. One of these developments is the new menu which is planned to be ready in March for the spring season. This is an...

A year filled with hospitality

The one year anniversary of Bowery Restaurant on the 17th of December marked a year filled with special moments. All these moments have one thing in common: they are all build on hospitality. Hospitality plays a big role in my daily life, not just professionally but...

Different season, different wines!

The last couple months I’ve been working on putting together our new wine menu and everything that comes with that. As the menu changes with the seasons, I do this with the wines as well. We say goodbye to the summer weather after a warm October month and welcome the fall in all its glory. Time to trade in the light summer wines for full bodied warmer wines!

The development of our third menu

After 10 months we have arrived at our 3rd menu of Bowery. Important to me in the pre-process of a new menu is the brainstorm sessions with my team. During these sessions we focus on the creative part and I clearly give my expectations of what I would like to see in the new menu. A big advantage during the process of this last menu is we have been working in this team for 10 months now and the team is very aware of my vision, flavors and presentation preferences.

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