Bowery’s Restaurant Indonesian Rice Table

In today’s blog, we will be discussing the famous Indonesian rice table from one of our talented chef’s Roberto! Roberto originally comes from Jakarta, followed the International Hotelschool and after that he went to the culinary school. He learned to cook the Indonesian cuisine and presents now his version of the Indonesian rice table, or in Dutch ‘Rijsttafel’ at Bowery Restaurant.

Bowery Restaurant’s rice table features dishes that highlight specific colors, spices, flavors, and textures.  The rice table is one of Bowery’s signature dishes and loved by many of our guests. When you order an Indonesian rice table at Bowery restaurant, you get; rendang, ayam rica, udang belado, sambal goreng bucis tahoe, telor belado, nasi kunning, and satay ayam! All prepared by Chef Roberto.

There is a bit of everything, think off a rice dish, meat, chicken, vegetables, fish, and satay. Roberto said: “in Indonesia, the table is always full with different dishes, which differs from the Dutch culture. The rice table is meant to be a feast on the table with the wide array of dishes enjoyed all at once”. Roberto creates the rice table for Bowery Restaurant and he makes it with love and care for the Indonesian culture. He does not use any recipes, he knows exactly how many spices and ingredients to use. The most popular version of the rice table is with the beef rendang. This rendang dish is a rich and tender coconut beef stew, which is explosively flavorful.

Planning to have dinner at Bowery Restaurant? Choose the Indonesian rice table and delude yourself into an explosion of flavors.