Kitchen Talk With……..?

In today’s blog we are going to find out everything about the signature Bowery Brownie created by Chef de Partie Maarten. Maarten works already for ten years within the Hilton brand. He started when he was 15, began his career at Hilton The Hague and made his way to Bowery Restaurant located at Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Everything he has learned so far was taught by the Executive Chef of Bowery, they know each other nearly for ten years. We were interested in the dessert he created for Bowery Restaurant and asked him all the secrets of his brownie. Curious what we found out? Then keep on reading…

B: How did you come up with the dessert?

M: “When creating a new dessert, I wanted to make something that is well-known and popular. A brownie is something everybody knows and you can play with the flavors. This brownie is not tough but still very tasty”.

B: What makes the brownie special?

M: “First of all, it is important to have the right flavor combination. Playing with sweet, salty, sour, and bitter flavors is what makes a dish in balance. I know somebody that is the perfect gourmet, he does not like too sweet desserts and therefore he can give me good advice. Together with the Executive Chef, I finalized the dish and made it a dessert on the Bowery Menu”.

B: What are the components of the dessert?

M: “The brownie during this season consists of, brownies, coffee ice cream, speculaas cream, caramel sauce, almond crunch, cranberry gel, stewed peer and some garnish. Per season, we change the dessert to make the flavors fit the season, think of using peers in autumn and strawberries in summer. Most of the components are made in the kitchen, the coffee ice cream is made of coffee beans and cream. We let the coffee beans absorb in the cream to get a nice little touch of coffee flavor. Coming back to your previous question, I think the coffee ice cream and the stewed peer are making this dessert very special”.

B: The concept of Bowery is using local products, is there something in this dessert that has Dutch roots?

M: “Yes, of course, the cranberry we use come from Terschelling and the peers are from local farmers here in the Netherlands. The speculaas cream, comes from the famous Dutch speculaas cookies”.

We asked if Maarten could make the brownie for us to do a little tasting. We loved the flavor combinations of the brownie and it has a very autumn touch to it with the leave garnish.

Are we going to see more desserts from Maarten? Who knows…? We know he is already working on new things for the spring and summer. We cannot wait for it!

Until next blog!

Interviewer: Bowery Restaurant (B)

Interviewee: Maarten Horzelenberg (M)