Meet the new Bar & Restaurant Manager: Diana

Diana is our new Bar & Restaurant Manager of Bowery Restaurant and Axis Lobby & Cocktail Bar. In this blog, you can get to know Diana a little bit more, but if you are curious? Join us any time at Bowery or Axis.

Diana originally comes from Latvia and has moved around Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. Becoming an interior designer was her first plan, but then changed her plan and went to art school and finally decided to go to the beauty & hair college. However, she has worked in hospitality since she was 17, and there is where her passion for the restaurant and bar life started! She worked for many years for a big hospitality company chain, specialized in Italian cuisine. She has experienced it all, from starting as a dishwasher and leaving as a manager. Diana also spend some years working for a high-class hospitality company, which focused on offering a great restaurant experience and organizing amazing memorable events. A new adventure at Bowery Restaurant has brought her to the Netherlands, where she is looking forward to work with the amazing team and to wow our guests with delicious food and drinks, and of course a wonderful service. We grilled Diana with a few more questions in Bowery Restaurant, read our quick-fire interview below:

Describe yourself in three words:

Straightforward, trustworthy, I have a big heart when you get to know me

Any hidden talents?

I can paint

Best thing about the job?

The constant buzz of the guests around you in the restaurant, there is never a dull moment

Favorite dish of the Bowery Menu?

As a starter gyoza’s and as a main the stir fry

What would you do if you were not working in hospitality?

I would be a beautician, probably a masseuse

What was your first job?

Flower picker

Favorite beverage or cocktail?

I love a cosmopolitan, but also Gin & Tonic’s

What is your favorite cuisine?

Asian Cuisine

Thanks Diana! And until next blog!