What our waiter loves on the menu

Welcome again to the Bowery blog! Let us introduce you to a new series called; ‘What our waiter loves on the menu’. We will be interviewing Team Members from Bowery Restaurant, and they will tell us everything about different menu items, especially the ones they love!

In this blog, we interviewed Team Member Ralf from Bowery Restaurant. Ralf works at Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol since 1997. He loves to teach the younger generation how to serve guests. His whole live he has been passionate about the hotel industry and has over 18 years of bar experience. He learned the ins and outs in a bar in New Orleans, United States. Thus, he can tell you all about wine, beer, cocktails and other drinks!

If he must choose one of the 60 different wines on the menu, he will choose the Dutch wine from De Apostelhoeve, Maastricht. Ralf believes that offering many Dutch products makes Bowery Restaurant unique.

Ralf can share many nice stories about the beers we showcase at Bowery Restaurant. The restaurant for example serves beer from Brouwerij ‘t IJ. Brouwerij ‘t IJ has an interesting heritage, because this beer is brewed in an old municipal bath house in Amsterdam, located at the IJ. This bath house had a water supply and drainage system and a steam generator. It was the perfect place for the brewer. Bowery Restaurant serves an IJwit, IPA and Zatte from Brouwerij ‘t IJ.

Ralf also told us about the history of the Radler beer. In Dutch it is similar to what we call a ‘Sneeuwwitje’. Radler’s history lies in Munich, some cyclists were bicycling trough the countryside and they were thirsty for a drink.  Arrived at the first tavern, the owner did not have enough beer to serve. To stretch his beer supply, he added sparkling lemonade to the kegs. The German word for “cyclist” is Radler, hence the beer is named after it. So, when you visit Bowery Restaurant ask Ralf for a Radler and be amazed with the original Radler flavor.

Lastly, when asking Ralf to choose a 3-course dinner from the menu of Bowery Restaurant with his favorite drink’s combinations. His answers were; “As a starter, I would go for the gyoza with a Bintang beer. Back in the days this Indonesian beer was brewed with water from the Dutch soil. As a main course I would pick the sea bass with a white wine from De Apostelhoeve. And for dessert I would go for a double espresso with a nice liquor. At this moment we have a nice Dutch liquor from Zuidam, called ‘Speculaas’, which is perfect for this season!

Until the next blog!